Why Kula is Planting 504 Mangrove Trees

Why Kula is Planting 504 Mangrove Trees

Thanks to our new partnership with Veritree, for each purchase made on our website, one mangrove tree will be planted in Mteza creek in Kenya.

"I grew up in Kenya, so being able to restore the ecosystem and support the local community means the world to me." Asha Wheeldon, Kula Founder 

Sustainability has always been part of our mission so we're very grateful and excited to bring you along on this journey.

Did you know...

Ecosystem: Mangroves provide vital habitat for numerous species and act as natural protectors, stabilizing shorelines, preventing erosion, and safeguarding both the land and communities from waves and storms.

Habitat Loss: Kenya's mangrove forests are essential ecosystems providing valuable goods and services to coastal communities. However, rapid urbanization in Southern Kenya has led to their conversion for other land uses, causing overexploitation and habitat loss.

Our Impact: Tonnes of CO2 to be sequestered. 109 trees compares to removing 24 cars from the road for one year.

504 trees compares to planting 9 studio apartments full of trees.

 So, when you're ready, head over to our product page and help the Kula Forest Grow!

Peace and Love