KULA™ Plant-Based Catering

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We also offer cooking classes and private chef experiences.


Spice up your Lunch and Dinner with KULA's™ Meals

Ginger Beef

KULA™ Ginger Beef, comprised of mildly seasoned pea protein, with mixed vegetables

G.O.A.T Curry

Biryani with KULA™ G.O.A.T Curry, our spicy stewed pea protein bites

Green Salad

Fresh seasonal salad with olive oil vinaigrette

Beef Tibs & Injera

KULA™ Ginger Beef tibs, sautéed vegetables, lentils and injera. Rice not included (G)


Add these sides to your KULA™ Meals


Served with choice of toast or vegetables plus choice of KULA™ proteins (GF)


A commonly shared Ethiopian/Eritrean flatbread enjoyed by tearing and scooping into various table selections (GF)


Start your day with KULA™ Foods

Tofu Scramble

Served with choice of toast or vegetables plus choice of KULA™ proteins (GF)

Cardamom Crepes

Freshly baked crepes seasoned with the queen of spices

Fresh Fruits

Inquire about seasonal availabilities


Enjoy a shareable dish with everyone

Starter Size

Feeds up to 20 people

Medium Size

Feeds up to 30 people

Full Table Spread

50 person minimum. Includes skewers, collard wraps & desserts

What does African Food Consist of?

African food culture consists of stews, curries and flatbreads with a focus on natural ingredients. Zooming in on the plant-based aspect, where our passion and connections connect, fundamental ingredients include legumes, grains, vegetables and meatless proteins.


Learn how to cook KULA's™ meals, or have them prepared for you and your group

Cooking Classes

1-on-1 or group classes are available and can be participated in online or in-person.

Perfect as a gifted experience or external team-building activity.

Personal Chef Experience

A private dining experience complete with a personal chef, customized menus and a comfortable yet exciting atmosphere.

Perfect for special occasions or small groups.

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