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Our products can be found at select retailers across Canada. Find your closest KULA partner.

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Offering package-free and low-waste groceries and household supplies, delivered right to your door using returnable containers, their goal is to simplify zero waste living.

Delivery Area

Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, North Van, West Van, Port Moody and New West, Bowen Island.



Finding quality products and brands, and making them easy for you to order is the top priority at VS. They have a little bit of everything, with products arriving to you temperature-controlled and safe. Shop our entire Kula collection on their website.

Delivery Area

Shipping across Canada pickup in stores (Chinatown & Surrey)

Bee My Guest Logo
Bee My Guest is a community-based platform that allows certified local chefs and small businesses to share delicious meals and traditional recipes with Vancouverites. All our chefs are vetted and trained to follow strict food safety standards in compliance with local regulations.

Delivery Area

Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby

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