Small Business of the Year

Celebrating Success: Kula Foods Wins Small Business of The Year Black Excellence Award

Dear Kula Community, We are thrilled and honoured to share some exciting news that has us bursting with pride. Kula has been recognized and awarded the prestigious Small Business of The Year Black...
Inspirational BIPOC Vegan Highlight: The Canadian African

Afia Amoako: The Canadian African

Let's get to know the incredible Afia Amoako, the heart and soul behind The Canadian African blog. Afia's vegan journey is all about blending her love for plant-based living with her rich Ghanaian ...
Learn. Reflect. Engage

Sweet Liberation: Healing Our Bodies and Communities with Natural Alternatives

Let's have a heart-to-heart and talk about something that hits close to home – the sugar situation in our lives and the amazing solution that's right within our reach. As we continue on our path t...
Asha Wheeldon, Owner Kula Foods
Afro-Vegan CPG Brand

Inspirational Stories from Within: How Kula Foods Empowers Marginalized Women in Vancouver's CPG Industry

In the fast-paced realm of Vancouver's Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, there's a powerful force of change, and it's embodied by individuals like Asha, our visionary founder at K...
How Community is the Main Ingredient to a Fulfilling Life

Nourishing Connections: How Community is the Main Ingredient to a Fulfilling Life

In a world that often emphasizes personal achievements and individual success, it's easy to overlook the profound impact that a sense of community can have on our lives. At Kula, the value of commu...
Why Kula is Planting 504 Mangrove Trees

Why Kula is Planting 504 Mangrove Trees

"I grew up in Kenya, so being able to restore the ecosystem and support the local community means the world to me." Asha Wheeldon, Kula Founder 
no added sugar bbq sauce

Elevating Your Health Journey with Kula No Added Sugar Sauces

We're diving into a topic that resonates deeply with both our hearts and our mission – the profound impact of cutting back on added sugar within the vibrant Afro-vegan diaspora. At Kula, our value...
KULA: Passing Down Tradition and Flavours

KULA: Passing Down Tradition and Flavours

In a world where flavours can transcend time and borders, our brand is on a mission to not only tantalize taste buds but to preserve cultural heritage. We have woven together tradition, innovation...
Cultural Connection

Beyond the Plate: KULA's Mission of Cultural Connection

Welcome to the world of KULA, where we're not just serving up plant-based delights, but weaving together a tapestry of cultures and experiences that'll have your taste buds and your heart dancing....