Kula Foods Media Kit

Since launching in 2018, Kula Foods has been focused on connecting people back to the roots of where our food comes from through delicious, plant-based nourishment.

Plant-based eating is the future, and we’re elevating the culture one plate at a time by creating space for diversity beyond the ethnic aisle.


Asha Wheeldon

Media Contact

For press inquiries, please contact Gavin Gordon, gavin@kulakitchen.ca.

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“Kula Kitchen is an Afro Vegan food business and the people who work so hard behind the scenes to prepare all these super delicious meals are such angels!!"

Michelle V


Is everything 100% plant-based?

Yes! We are committed to offering our community 100% plant-based offerings.

What does “Kula” mean?

Kula means “eat” in Swahili, our founder Asha Wheeldon’s native language.

Where can I find Kula items?

You can purchase Kula items through our Online Store or through one of our partners! Our partners consist of online shops and physical storefronts, check our Stockist here to find the Kula partner closest to you!

Where do you ship?

We ship across Canada and the United States! Partnering with organizations like Legends Haul and Vegan Supply allows us to get Kula to your door fast and fresh. Keep an eye out for further shipping options.

For press inquiries, please contact Gavin Gordon, gavin@kulakitchen.ca.