Host Gatherings and Family Dinners using Vegan & Plant-Based Foods

Host Gatherings and Family Dinners using Vegan & Plant-Based Foods

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How to Host Feasts, Gatherings and Family Dinners using Vegan and Plant-Based Foods

In many households, when someone says they’re planning a feast, there’s a guest sure to assume (or expect) meat to be involved. Visually, they may picture Homer Simpson’s BBQ with the apple-mouthed pork roast or, more realistically, the usual roasted turkey, duck or picky child-friendly chicken. 

Whether the occasion might be a plant-based Thanksgiving dinner, a gathering for a special milestone or just a grand family dinner, it’s becoming more and more possible, and creative, to form big-day dishes using plant-based ingredients without having someone quickly point out it’s plant-based, or it’s not “real meat,” after the first bite. 

With our deliciously curated list, you’ll now have exceptionally flavourful dishes that will answer the question, “What does plant-based diet eat for Thanksgiving?” “Christmas?” “Easter?” and other family or friend-filled events while also having even the most loyal meat eaters asking for seconds and thirds. 


Plant-Based Main Dish Ideas

For when it’s your turn to host, these dinner feature ideas will result in quicker prep, emptied plates and easier dishwashing. (Real turkeys and other meaty roasts are -so- time-consuming, but they won’t admit that). 

Cater to the Turkey Lovers

It’s the same colour as a cooked turkey, it has a skin like a cooked turkey, it slices like a cooked turkey, but it’s not a cooked turkey! Easy to make same-day, or in advance, this plant-based Turkey Roast serves 4-5 people; perfect as a  plant-based Thanksgiving main! The leftovers, if any, also taste fantastic in the post-holiday sandwiches.

For the Feast with a Different Beast

Soul-filled to make any guest feel like they’re being treated to African American Thanksgiving food, try this Thanksgiving Meatless Loaf. No gravy needed, and it’s gluten-free, grain-free and soy-free.  

Big Dinner Table, Smaller Grocery Budget

Made in less than 30 minutes, this plant-based Roti only requires two ingredients! Serve with our delicious G.O.A.T Curry


Plant-Based Side Dish Ideas

Perfect accompaniments to a meat-free, or even meat-filled, main, these plant-based side dishes will speak for themselves in flavour and eating fun. 

For Plated Seating or a Potluck

Fantastic finger food, even for formal occasions, guests will love Popcorn Cauliflower in a Creamy Bonnet Sauce. Warning: They may become a new tradition as far as your plant-based Thanksgiving side dishes go. 

Tip: Replace the Scotch Bonnet Peppers with our Kula Scotch Bonnet BBQ Sauce, or skip making the recipe’s sauce and simply bowl ours, saving a few steps and ingredients. 

Fries, But Make ‘em Fancy

You’re going to need extra napkins, and extra Pili Pili Sauce, as guests enjoy your Taro Fire Fries with Green Herb Aioli

Special Occasion, But Make it Cajun

Inspired by the South, enjoy this freezer-friendly recipe for plant-based Cajun Cornbread Dressing; easy to make and store away for a special day.  


Plant-Based Dessert Ideas

Serve the Pie, Hold the Pumpkin

This year, opt for a Sweet Potato Pie that can be topped with tasty pecans and coconut whipped cream for added sweetness, Mmmm!

Okay, Don’t Hold the Pumpkin

You Won’t Believe It’s plant-based Pumpkin Pie, and neither will your guests, unless they’re also plant-based; win-win either way.  

For the Apple-Loyal

Serve up a slice of this Martha-approved plant-based Apple Pie


Additional Inspiration 

Looking for other ingredients to inspire plant-based Thanksgiving ideas, or dishes for additional delectable occasions? Check out popular plant-based options including Kula Ginger Beef, BBQ Chick-Un and the recipe-versatile Protein Bundle.