Inspirational BIPOC Vegan Highlight: The Canadian African

Afia Amoako: The Canadian African

Let's get to know the incredible Afia Amoako, the heart and soul behind The Canadian African blog. Afia's plant-based journey is all about blending her love for plant-based living with her rich Ghanaian heritage, and she's here to make your taste buds dance to the rhythm of flavours from across the African continent.

Meet Afia: The Canadian African Plant-Based Guru

Afia Amoako

Five years ago, Afia began her plant-based adventure, but it wasn't all smooth sailing. Like many of us, she had questions and challenges to overcome. Her main concern? How to stay true to her cultural roots while embracing a healthy, ethical lifestyle. The result? A blog that's all about showing the world that you can have it all - delicious food and cultural preservation, without sacrificing a single thing!

Recipe Recommendations You Can't Miss

Afia's blog is a goldmine of mouthwatering recipes that pay homage to her Ghanaian background. Here are some absolute must-tries:

  1. Plant-Based Cassava Leaf Stew (Pondu): Dive into the rich flavours of Africa with this hearty stew featuring cassava leaves - a beloved West African staple.

Vegan cassava leaf stew pondu

2. Fully Plant-Based Traditional Ghanaian Breakfast: Experience the essence of Ghana with this authentic plant-based breakfast that captures the spirit of traditional flavors.

Hausa Koko and Kose

3. Healthy African-Inspired Lunch Recipes: Discover a treasure trove of nutritious and satisfying lunch ideas inspired by the diverse cuisines of Africa.



More Than Just Recipes

Afia's blog is like a good friend who shares wisdom alongside recipes. She's all about holistic living, offering tips for a healthier lifestyle and a deep dive into her Ghanaian roots. Her mission is to make African cuisine accessible to all, and her blog is your passport to the journey.

Beyond the kitchen, Afia cherishes books and self-care as integral parts of her healthy lifestyle. Her blog is a blend of flavours, reflections, and self-care advice that nourishes your body and soul.

When she's not wowing us with her culinary creations, Afia is a full-time PhD student in Epidemiology, proving that she's a master of balance.

Stay in the Loop

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Afia Amoako isn't just an influencer; she's your culinary confidante, your culture connector, and your wellness guide. #EatWithAfia