KULA featured on EcoLux Lifestyle

KULA featured on EcoLux Lifestyle

We're super excited to share this article with you all. Our founder, Asha, was recently interviewed by EcoLux Lifestyle and here is a peek at the beautiful piece they put together.

When did you last gather around a table with friends or family, undistracted, to share a meal? With a delicious plant-based food line, Asha Wheeldon seeks to change that! “Kula,” meaning “to eat” in Swahili, is the name of her community-focused, plant-based business that advocates for togetherness and Afro-Veganism. 

The mission of Kula Foods is to bring folks together around food while delivering diversity to our culture one plate at a time, with the belief that plant-based nourishment is the future.

A Story of Inspiration

Asha’s career path has not been a direct journey, but every stop has contributed to the person she has become and the business she has founded. Passionate about music and movement, she initially aspired to be a dancer. She went to school for counselling, finding joy in conversation and connecting with people, which has served her in many aspects throughout her life. After that, she began in communications, progressed to sales, and finally to management – read more