Veganuary Made Easier with KULA Foods

Veganuary Made Easier with KULA Foods

Did you know that for hundreds of thousands across the globe, January is also Veganuary? It’s one of our favourite months of the year, and even if you don’t follow a 100% plant-based diet or lifestyle, taking part doesn’t have to be difficult or staggering to your everyday routine.

Here we’ll share a few ways KULA Foods makes Veganuary easy, and delicious, but first:


What is Veganuary?

Originally started in 2013, the not-for-profit organization Veganuary hosts an annual global challenge by the same name every year, encouraging people to pledge a movement towards a plant-based diet for the benefit of both health and the environment.

While celebrating its 10th campaign, Veganuary had over 700,000 registrants in 2023 from every country in the world except 2! It was also reported that 820 brand new vegan products were launched in retail for Veganuary while chain restaurants saw 790 new vegan menus added to their establishments. WOW! 


How to Participate in Veganuary

While registration to the official Veganuary campaign often opens as early as the start of December, and many prefer to do the full 31-day challenge, there’s never a wrong time, nor a “too late,” when it comes to making that pledge with yourself. 

Enough change and chaos can come with a new year, and coming back into routine after the holidays. Plus, as Veganuary officials point out, pledge or no pledge, most don’t go and stay vegan overnight. Choice in approach is based on the individual, meaning it’s just as valid to change one meal at a time as it is to take it a day or week at a time. It’s not a test or a competition.

And even if you’re only reading this long after the start of January, there is no “missed it” or “too late.” 

Don’t wait until next year, you can start right now, and we’re here with you to help and nourish you with delicious plant-based foods, recipe ideas and more.


What are the Benefits of Veganuary & Plant-Based Diets? 

Focusing solely on your physical health, the benefits of proper plant-based diets include, but aren’t limited to, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, better mood stabilization, improved skin quality and lower risk of illnesses and conditions like heart disease, depression, diabetes and select cancers.

 Veganuary Made Easier with KULA Foods

Veganuary & Plant-Based Meal Ideas

Eating vegan doesn’t have to be complicated. When some people think about veganism, they fixate on what vegans aren’t “allowed” to eat, rather than all of the amazing foods that can be part of a plant-based diet, even if some are not always physically or mentally labelled as such. 

Here is an example of what plant-based meal options throughout the day could look like:

Breakfast: Oats (with nuts, fruit and spice), toasted bread/buns (with vegan butter, jam, sliced fruit or a favourite dip/spread), dairy-free milk (in-glass or in cereal).

Lunch: Potato Salad (w/ or w/o KULA BBQ Chik-un), Soup JoumouFiery Soul Bowls

Snack: Pili Pili Butter Popcorn, Spicy Fried Plantains

Dinner: Cauliflower Wings, BBQ Chik-Un Tacos, G.O.A.T Curry Bowl


Go Plant-Based One Pantry Item at a Time with KULA

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